Storytelling through Photography

Jeffery Minnish - Raleigh Wedding Photographer

I’m fascinated by the art of filmmaking. I see a theater, or a television screen, particularly with the advent of technology such as the Apple TV, as a magic portal. I asked Christina recently as we were looking for a film to watch, “Where do you want to go tonight?”  As it turns out, that evening we went to 1930s Paris in the film “Hugo.” I don’t work in the medium, however, as a visual person, I am enthralled by the power of motion-picture storytelling. The same is true for still photography. I am as passionate as ever about the power of the still image. It too is a magic portal. We can instantly be transported to another time or place. Maybe it’s a time when we were younger with less responsibility, when a loved one was still alive, or our wedding day. After all, when the cake has been eaten and the dress is neatly packed away, the images are all we have left to remember our wedding day.

Christina and I are former journalists with a background in visual storytelling. Christina earned a journalism degree from the top-ranked University of Missouri, and I graduated from Western Kentucky University with a degree in photojournalism. Our background forms the basis of our approach to wedding photography. We use all of our experience as visual journalists to capture the real, unscripted moments that tell the story of a couple’s wedding day.

Any day they wanted to, a bride and groom could put on a dress and a suit and stand before a photographer’s camera to pose for pictures. There wouldn’t be anything particularly unique or memorable about it. The real moments we capture as documentary wedding photographers cannot be posed, reenacted, or forced. We notice a father’s tears when sees his daughter in her dress for the first time, the emotion of the kiss and the look on a mom’s face when the couple shares the first dance. We know that some things are going to happen at every wedding we document. These are the big moments, the things you expect to see. We always cover those, but we also are watching for the little moments. These quiet moments, what is happening on the edges, are the moments that make your day unique. Those are our favorite images to capture.