Jeffery and Christina


Serendipity brought Jeffery and Christina together.

A chance encounter along a stretch of isolated highway and a trek across the country led them to a lifetime of love and family. Both events, though separate, happened within months of each other to bring the two to the same place, The State in Columbia, S.C., where Christina ended up designing her pages with Jeffery’s images. Their work has complemented each other ever since.

After falling in love and getting married on Folly Beach in Charleston, S.C., the two left the field of newspaper journalism to spend more time with family and pursue personal projects.

The Minnish FamilyThe move to wedding photography was a bit of happenstance, but Jeffery and Christina discovered a love for it when they realized they could continue to be storytellers on one of the most important days in someone’s life by capturing real, unscripted moments. They are in their ninth year of working together as wedding photojournalists, and have documented more than 100 love stories.

Jeffery and Christina are Little White Dress Visuals, and they offer their clients photography that is whimsical, vintage and real.

Besides great photography and design, they also find joy in art, travel, writing and cooking and eating great food. Above all, they adore every aspect of life with their four sweet children: Jackson, Lauren, Colin and Dylan.

You can reach Jeffery Minnish at 919.757.2826 or

You can reach Christina Minnish at 919.757.2747 or